Beers that will be on Tap at the Brewery and in the Market Place

Beers In the Taproom August 14th 2020

Taproom Draft List

All non barrel aged draft beers are 16oz pours for $6.50

All barrel aged beer drafts are 8oz pours for $8

No flights are available at this time.

(please see front page for packaged to go)

Beer Slushy - Rotating Flavor/Availability (call for flavor)

Thur-Sun only. (June-August)


Cheesecake, vanilla, Blueberry Golden Ale - (Golden ale w/blueberry, vanilla, cheesecake) Lactose Free

ABV: 5.5% IBU: 10 

An R&D series that will continue to have rotating flavors. This pastry golden ale is light and crisp with a huge aroma of vanilla and cheesecake with a soft blueberry undernote throughout.

Notes: Light, fruity, crisp, cheesecake, vanilla


Common Visions - Fruit beer with tart cherry, raspberry and lactose

ABV: 5.5% IBU: 10

 Bringing back one of our favorite fruit beers of the summer was a no brainer. Aged on tons of fresh raspberry and tart cherries this jammy fruit beer is perfect for the dog days of summer.

Notes: Fruity, berry/cherry, mild sweetness, jammy

Marshmallow Bourbon Barrel Aged Bonfire Fun - Imperial smoked milk stout aged in  bourbon barrels w/marshmallow (8 months aged)

ABV: 8% IBU: 18  

Aged for 8 months in Koval bourbon barrels for over 8 months this smooth milk stout brings big cocoa notes to compliment the unique barrel flavors of cocoa, oak, bourbon and marshmallow fluff.

Notes: Marshmallow fluff, bourbon, dark malts, roasty, bittersweet chocolate.

Midnight Fist Fight - Citra hopped Hazy IPA

ABV: 7% IBU: 20  

This 100% citra hopped hazy IPA features the freshest 2019 Citra we could get our hands on. This juicey IPA features plenty of soft creamy citrus with a light candied pine finish. 

Notes: Soft orange, tropical pineapple, creamy, low bitterness, candied pine

Dune Shaper - (Golden ale w/blueberries) Lactose free! ;)

ABV: 5% IBU: 10 

We are happy to bring back one of the taprooms most popyular summer seasonals! Dune Shaper is aged on a healthy amount of blueberry puree for a fruit profile that is flavorful but not over the top. 

Notes: Fruity, blueberry essence, crisp and ultra refreshing

Munich Dunkel Lager - German brown lager

ABV: 5.5% IBU: 15

Using only the finest German malts, hops and yeast this brown lager has lightly toasted malt flavors with a mild caramel backbone with noble hop finish. Incredibly drinkable and very refreshing! A perfect BBQ beer!

Notes: Light, toasted malts, subtle caramel, noble hops, crisp/clean

Pan Leche - White Stout w/ cocoa nibs, cold brew coffee, lactose and vanilla

ABV: 7% IBU: 15

This almost golden bodied beer was designed to have similar traits to a nice sweet stout without the dark malts added. What you get is an incredibly flavorful white stout full of sweet dessert notes with hints of cream, cocoa, and coffee throughout. We think you may have a new favorite breakfast beer ;)

Notes: Cocoa/milk chocolate, cream/vanilla, sweet biscuit malts, soft coffee

Night of the Hunt - (Belgian Dubbel)

ABV: 7% IBU: 20

Our Belgian style Dubbel is loaded with flavors of toffee, Belgian spice, candied dates with a dry traditional finish. An ode to old world style.

Notes: Fig/date, toffee, caramel, Belgian spice, bone dry

Horizon APA - American Pale Ale (Citra/Mosaic)

ABV: 5% IBU: 35

Light bready with plenty of piney hops notes this old school pale ale is designed to be both refreshing and lower ABV compared to traditional IPA's. Mild citrus and fruit compliment the snappy bitterness from additions of citra and mosaic hops.

Notes: Bready, hoppy, dry, mild citrus, crisp

L.A.G.E.R. "lets all get everything right" - (American Light lager)

ABV: 4.5% IBU: 10 

The style of beer that has survived the ages. This American light lager is brewed with cluster hops and traditional German pilsner malt and American flaked corn. This is a beer that anyone can enjoy all day/night long.

 Notes: Crisp, Clean, easy drinking

Stealing Sunshine - (Blood Orange Sour)

ABV: 5.2% IBU: 10

A taproom staple! This sour ale has a big bright citrus acidity and a refreshing wave of blood orange flavor. 

 Notes: Tart/sour, orange zest, dry


Guest Tap: 

Eris Brewing and Cider House Chicago
5.9% ABV
Semi-dry cherry cider with a blush like pink-peach color. Slight cherry and ripe stone fruit aroma with tart and sweet cherry hints that leave a nice dry apple finish.