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Draft Beer December 5th 2023

We offer 8oz pours half pours (mix and match for a flight!) as well as 16oz pours for all beers

(excluding barrel aged and limited releases) 


Horizonte Azul- Mexican style Lager

ABV: 4.8%

Brewed traditionally with pilsner malt with a splash of flaked corn and Saaz hops. Azul is a modern take on the classic Mexican style lager. Highly drinkable with a crisp, clean and refreshing finish. This is a beer for everyone 

Notes:  Light, golden, soft bread/honey, crisp, clean


Three Putt For Par - Hoppy Kolsch style ale

ABV: 4.8%

A slightly hoppy spin on a traditional Kolsch style ale. Golden and bright this Kolschis hopped up with fresh Citra hops in the kettle for a pleasant bitterness and dry hopped with more Citra for a beautiful aromatic of citrus and orange peel. A super sessionable pale.

Notes:  Crisp, mild hoppiness, citrus, orange peel, clean


GIN BA Chasing Gravity - Belgian Tripel style ale aged 11 months in Koval Gin barrels

ABV: 9%

We took a batch of our Belgian Tripel and gave it a rest in freshly dumped Koval Gin barrels for a 11 month nap to pick up all the flavors of the spirit and barrel. Tons of gin notes with a soft juniper hit and a bright citrus twist element pair perfectly wit the oak/wood barrel character. 

Notes: Gin, botanicals, pink peppercorns, citrus, oak/wood, crisp, dry


Munich Dunkel- German style Brown Lager

ABV: 5.5%

German Munich and Vienna malts combine with specialty hand selected caramel malts create a perfect Fall lager. A hint of noble hops keep this brown lager crisp and refreshing. 

Notes: Light, malty, biscuity, subtle caramel, crisp


Quench - Hazy Pale Ale (Ihaho 7, Amarillo, Citra)

ABV: 5.5%

A light and refreshing pale ale that is all hazed up for a nice balance of juice and clean bitterness. Big notes of tropical stewed fruit, mango and deep dank hop flavors shine in a easy drinking pale. 

Notes: Hazy, hop fruit, dank, citrus, herbal mango 

Screen Shot 2023-10-07 at 4.09.36 PM.png

Muddle the Mixture - Milkshake style IPA w/ strawberry, toasted coconut, marshmallow, vanilla, lactose

ABV: 7%

Our brothers in beer @windmillbrewing came by a few weeks ago to get shakey with us and the results speak for themselves. We were inspired to bring you a strawberry shortcake inspired milkshake ipa. Loads of toasted coconut and real strawberries create the base for an amazing template in which marshmallow, vanilla, and lactose can meld the flavors together. Lots of Wisconsin barley, wheat and oats give us a smooth profile in which the adjuncts shine.

Notes: Strawberry shortcake, vanilla/cream, rich mallow, silky strawberry


Chicken Fried Punk - Juice-y Double IPA

ABV: 10%

Jammed full of Mosaic and Citra hops this big sticky DIPA is a fantastic sipper that has a low bitterness but huge flavor!


Calavera de Fuego- Mexican style Lager w/ lime and habaneros

ABV: 4.8%

Our Mexican lager infused with fresh lime peel and real habanero peppers for a citrus-y and spicy spin on a classic lager!

Notes:  Light, golden, lime peel, citrus, spicy, habanero peppers


Stealing Sunshine- Blood Orange Sour Ale

ABV: 5.4%

Our house sour ale is aged on tons of Blood Orange puree for a massive orange vibe and citrus profile. A balanced tartness /acidity makes this very approachable for the style

Notes:  Blood Orange, citrus zest, tart/sour, dry


Barrel Aged Return to the Nexus- Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout w/ cocoa nibs and vanilla beans

ABV: 13.5%

Old Elk, Buffalo Trace, and Jeppson’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Ghanian Cocoa Nibs and Madagascar + Ugandan Vanilla Beans

Notes: Fudge, oak/wood, Bourbon, vanilla/cream, chocolate


Midnight Fist Fight - Citra Hazy IPA

ABV: 7%

Our house hazy IPA that is brewed with only 100% Citra hops for a fantastic orange peel, pineapple, and tropical citrus note. A nice creamy mouthfeel from heaps of flaked oats make this a perfect jammy hazy IPA. 

BH Tapping_edited.jpg

Uptight Squares - English style Best Bitter

ABV: 4.2%

*Orange and Brew Bottle Shop Collab*

We took a page out of the history books to bring you a wonderful English style Pub Ale. The English Bitter is the quintessential session beer. Brewed with traditional English Maris Otter malt, East Kent Golding hops and a true London ale English yeast. Expect a faint fruity ester nose with a sweet malt aromatic. A moderate bitterness to keep this ale nice and crisp with a finish of soft bread/biscuit notes. A beer that is designed to be paired with food and friends!

Notes: Soft malts, moderate noble hops, ultra clean, sessionable


Schwarzbier - German style Black ale

ABV: 7%

A German style Black ale that is perfect for the season. Brewed with hand selected German barley and specialty roasted malt this black ale has all the fixings of a porter/stout without the heavy chocolate coffee elements. Smooth, dark and super drinkable.

Notes: Smooth, dark, soft caramel, hint of roast, dry finish

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